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Whiten your teeth with Holford Partners Curaden. Our tooth whitening is the safest and most effective way to lighten your teeth for a reasonable price.

Your teeth naturally become darker with age and they can also discolour when their nerves have been damaged. Also, even when your teeth are relatively healthy, they naturally vary in colour.

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Our whitening services can improve your teeth and boost your confidence.

Also, if your teeth have become discoloured due to your diet, smoking, medication, or other reasons, we will restore them or even make them lighter than initially.

We will equip you with the proper tools for bleaching at home.

We will make you a rubberised bespoke tray that perfectly fits your mouth and won’t bother your teeth or gums. The tray is used to hold the peroxide gel that is applied inside and usually worn overnight as you sleep.

The dentist will instruct you on how much gel to apply to the tray and how to place and remove it correctly from your teeth. Then, ten to fourteen nights later, your teeth will give you that beaming bright white smile you always wanted.

The process involves minimal intervention and no cutting. It only changes the colour of your teeth.

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There is no pain or discomfort, and the effects are super fast. You will only need to return for additional whitening syringes to top up the effects every two to three years, but can be sooner if you wish to keep them ultra white. The top up process will only take two nights.

Whiten Your Teeth The
Right Way

If you want to whiten your teeth effectively, your best bet is to go to Holford Partners Curaden. We guarantee effective and long-lasting results,
bringing your confidence to the next level. So book an appointment to see us now.

Safe Comfortable
and Effective Whitening


Our whitening process does not cause any damage to your enamel. Cheap products can result in sensitive teeth and maybe even tooth loss. All we do is brighten the colour of your teeth with an agent.


Our rubberised bespoke whitening trays will not bother your teeth or sleep. They are built for comfort and maximum efficiency, so the whole process is quick and simple.


We guarantee whitened teeth in two weeks or less. Our whitening doesn’t destroy your enamel and uses the safest and most effective bleaching agent that does the job fast.

Smile With Beaming Confidence

First impressions last, and your smile will tell plenty about you. Discoloured teeth or very yellow ones can be a turn-off or at the very least make you feel insecure. Let’s fix that for you the safest way there is, at Holford Partners Curaden.

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Choose Only Expert Services

First of all, whitening toothpaste works by using abrasives to remove stains. This entails that part of your enamel is being removed.

The process also doesn’t actually change the shade/colour of your teeth but simply removes surface stains damaging your teeth in the process. In addition, scraping enamel leads to sensitive teeth, which is highly uncomfortable.

Also, if you go for DIY whitening, there will be many risks. For example, using a non-custom tray can misshapen your teeth or minimise the effectiveness of the whitening products. Some gels are even harmful and abrasive, while others just don’t work.

A non-custom tray can also result in unsafe amounts of whitening gel getting into your gums and burning them.

Without our expert service, you will waste money on useless products and risk yourself to problems that will cost you more for multiple treatments.

Go for quality – it is more affordable.

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Let's Check Your Teeth

Come to the clinic for a consultation. Firstly, we need to know if you are eligible for whitening.

If you have bleeding gums or severe gum disease that will need to be treated before we can start with the teeth whitening process.

We will also make sure that the bleaching agent used is not something you are allergic to.

We will make sure you are 100% ready for bleaching before starting anything.

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Making Your Tray

We will make a rubber tray custom-fitted to your mouth for 100% comfort and safety.

The tray will allow the bleaching agent to stick to your teeth without touching your gums.

We will take an impression of your mouth, and the whitening tray will be ready in about a week.

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Bleaching At Home

The teeth whitening course will last between ten to fourteen days, using the whitening trays and gels provided.

The teeth whitening will be gradual and work wonders.

There is the option to wear the whitening trays during the daytime or nighttime depending on the whitening gels the dentist recommends.

For minimal treatment, a few days may be enough.

During the whitening process you should avoid foods and drinks that would stain a white shirt and also stop smoking at least a week or two after to get a stable, long-lasting result.

Listen to your dentist’s instructions, and you will have the beaming smile you want.

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Call if You Feel Something

Sometimes there can be some sensitivity during the whitening process and that is totally normal but if the pain persists and becomes too unbearable please give us a call so we can advise you on what to do.

If you are unsure about how much gel to use or anything concerning the whitening process, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.

If you came from a different dentist and are doubting the effectiveness of the service, please feel free to visit us for a second opinion.

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When the entire whitening process is done, you must continue good oral hygiene habits.

Brush twice a day, floss at least once a day, use interdental brushes and rinse with mouthwash.

Try to avoid eating brightly coloured foods and drinks such as tomato sauces or tea/coffee. It would greatly improve the longevity of your whitening treatment if you didn’t smoke.

Most importantly, visit the dentist at least twice a year for regular checkups and hygiene cleaning.

Please call the dentist anytime you think you have a problem with your teeth and gums.


Is tooth whitening at Holford Partners Curaden expensive?

No. Our whitening service is reasonable and affordable at £450 – £550, which is the typical price for London.

However, we would say that we are most affordable because we guarantee quality. When you go to a practice that doesn’t do it right, you will need to go to another clinic and spend more money to achieve your desired result.

With Holford Partners Curaden, we can guarantee a pleasant experience and results you’ll be happy with. Some patients come to us following a bad experience with online whitening kits that didn’t work or created issues. So don’t waste your money and go for a high quality teeth whitening treatment.

Do I need to treat my gum disease before I whiten my teeth?

Yes. If you have gum disease or any other dental problems such as cavities, we will have to treat that first before you can be eligible for teeth whitening.

Can I whiten my veneers, crowns or bridges?

Whitening only works on your own natural teeth. If you have veneers, crowns, or bridges, these will not respond to the peroxide gel.

What happens if I get whitening gel on my gums?

If the soft tissues of your mouth are exposed to a significant amount of teeth whitening gel, you might suffer from a burning sensation. As a result, the gums will turn white, blister and cause pain.

This danger is one of the biggest reasons why you have to do whitening with a dentist. The bespoke rubber tray is significantly essential.

You must have it made to custom fit your mouth and built for the whitening job.

At Holford Partners Curaden, we will ensure 100% safety.

Can I be allergic to the whitening gel?

There are a few people who will be allergic to peroxide. Severe cases result in swelling, difficulty of breathing, itching, rashes and dizziness.

While it is rare and you probably aren’t allergic to the whitening gel, it is crucial that you ensure you will not have a reaction when considering teeth whitening treatment.

This is why a consultation with a dentist is vital, and you shouldn’t go and just do it yourself without professional advice.

What causes discoloured teeth?

For children, you will see that permanent teeth are slightly darker than milk teeth. This is a sign of stronger enamel.

They are also susceptible to fluorosis, a condition that occurs because of an excess of fluoride from water and dental products in the first eight years of their life. That’s the reason why children’s toothpaste doesn’t contain fluoride.

For most people, the common reason for yellowed or darkened teeth can be down to diet or lifestyle choices. Colourful food such as tomato sauces or curries, tea, coffee and smoking will gradually darken and discolour your teeth.

As we age, we will also experience our teeth getting gradually darker.

For sportspeople excessive trauma or constant knocking of the teeth will cause nerve damage inside the tooth. This will cause the nerve to eventually die creating a dark tooth that can only be whitened internally after root canal treatment.

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