Dental Mouth Guards

Mouth guards are a rubber-like device that protect and shield the teeth and gums to prevent trauma or damage to the teeth, gums and soft tissues of the mouth such as the lips. They can be used for athletic purposes, in contact sports such as boxing and rugby or to protect your teeth at night if you clench or grind your teeth. Other forms of mouth guards include anti-snoring and sleep apnoea devices.

Mouth guards can vary in shape, size and function so speak to your dentist to find out which option will cater best to your needs.

Dental Mouth Guards

Dental Mouth Guards

Dental Mouth Guards

Who offers this treatment?

Bespoke Dental Mouth Guards for Safety and Protection

If you are looking for the best solution for either sports protection, bruxism, snoring or clenching you must go for customised dental mouth guards from a trusted dental practice.

Do not go for cheap solutions, or you will get inferior results.

Dental Mouth Guards

Are You An Athlete?

Do not let your guard down. 

Playing sports presents a wide array of potential accidents, especially for high-contact sports like rugby or boxing.

Protect your gums and teeth with a gumshield.

Dental Mouth Guards

Dental Mouth Guards

Do You Lack Sleep?

A lack of sleep can be because you keep on waking up to your own snoring, teeth grinding or to the noises made by someone else sleeping near you.

Whoever it is, the person may be suffering from sleep apnoea and other related issues like TMJ or bruxism. The best course of treatment would be to get a bespoke mouth guard.

Custom Dental
Mouth Guards
Extra Protection


When you go to a dental practice in need of a mouth guard, the dentist will closely look at your mouth, teeth and soft tissues and recommend the exact appliance needed.


Over-the-counter appliances may cause issues such as misalignment of your teeth or bite. Custom made guards will guarantee greater safety when it comes to protecting the integrity of your teeth and their alignment.


There is no guarantee that stock gum shields or mouth guards will provide the same level of quality and durability that custom dental mouth guards can. So, go to a dental practitioner if you need a gum shield or mouth guard to save you potential issues in the future.

Frequently Asked Questions

Clean dental mouth guards or night guards with warm water and a soft-bristle toothbrush.

You can also use appliance cleaning tablets that you dissolve in water and leave your mouth guard in to remove tougher plaque and tartar.

DO NOT use hot water as this will distort your appliance and be an expensive mistake to replace.

A gum shield is another term used for a protective mouth guard or device for the teeth and gums, used by athletes, sportsmen and fighters.

No, getting a mouth guard has never been so simple. All we need to do it take an impression or 3D intraoral digital scan to submit to our dental technicians and your new custom mouth guard will be ready in 1-2 weeks. The process is totally painless.

Each mouth guard is bespoke made to each patient for maximised comfort and protection.

The anti-snoring device works by mandibular advancement, which is the pushing forward of the lower jaw and is the standard treatment for your snoring issues.

It prevents your tongue from falling to the back of your throat and stops it from blocking your airway. The mouth guard prevents snoring by applying a small amount of tension on the muscles of your lower jaw, gently pushing them forward.

Your tongue is attached to the lower jaw, which when pushed forward, brings the tongue along with it, resulting in a clear airway.

A night guard can also work as a mouth shield preventing mouth snoring. The guard stops the vibration of the throat and soft tissues or muscles located at the back of the mouth.

When you have bruxism, you grind your teeth at night, resulting in constant and intense pressure on your teeth. This stress will also affect your gums and contribute to recession.

When you use a night guard, the device will absorb some of the pressure and stress on your teeth. This absorption de-stresses your gums, effectively reducing the likelihood of recession.

Unfortunately, we don’t offer boil and bite mouth guards and night guards as the best way to protect your teeth, gums and jaw is with a custom made mouth guard. That will ensure it fits properly and does not cause any harm to your bite and won’t come out at night or during a sports event.

If you have any more questions, please go to our contact page or call 020 7499 9806.

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