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You might be a person who cares well about oral health and hygiene. You probably brush at least twice a day, floss, use interdental cleaners and gargle with mouthwash.

As a dental health-conscious person, you probably already know that your excellent cleaning habits at home will not be enough. You will need regular professional dental hygiene cleans at least twice a year from a dental practice.

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Hygiene cleans usually happen the same day as your regular dental check-ups.

It might also be an added part to it because the common practice is that you will get the service after a routine dental exam.

Hygiene cleaning is a painless preventive measure that everyone needs. There are parts of your mouth that can only be cleaned using professional tools and methods.

A dentist or registered hygienist will use professional tools to clean your mouth, teeth, and gums thoroughly.

Having the treatment increases your chance of avoiding dental problems like tartar, cavities, and gum disease.

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What Happens During A Hygiene Clean?

The General Process

When you go to a clinic like Holford Partners Curaden, you will have to go through several simple steps to complete the hygiene cleaning.
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Step 1 | The Check-up

A dental hygienist is usually the one performing the cleaning process.

But before anything, the hygienist starts with a physical exam of your mouth.

The dental hygienist will use a small mirror to closely inspect your teeth and gums for any signs of gum problems and other concerns.

When the practitioner detects a significant dental routine issue, a dentist is consulted to decide whether you can proceed with the cleaning.

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Step 2 | Scaling

Using a small mirror for guidance, the dental routine hygienist uses a scaler tool to get rid of tartar and plaque around your gum line. They also clean between your teeth.

You can expect to hear scraping, which is expected in most clinics when it comes to scaling. At Holford Partners Curaden, we use an ultrasonic scaler that uses water and gentle vibrations.

If you have a significant amount of tartar in your mouth, the more time your hygienist will need for scaling.

While brushing and flossing stop plaque from building up, sometimes you miss spots, and the plaque hardens into tartar. You cannot remove tartar on your own, and you need a hygienist to do it for you with the scaler.

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Step 3 | Gritty Brushing

After scaling, your mouth is 99% entirely rid of tartar. So, the next step is brushing your teeth with a high-powered brush.

You can expect a grinding noise during this step, but it is entirely safe and painless. So, there is nothing to worry about.

This step does a deep clean, removing any tartar left from the previous step.

The hygienist will use a toothpaste that has a gritty consistency, but with the familiar toothpaste flavor and smell, you know. But you should know that this kind of toothpaste is only safe to use in the hands of a professional.

You might damage your enamel if you do it yourself.

At Holford Partners Curaden, our procedures are more comfortable, and you can expect zero discomforts.

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Step 4 | Professional Flossing

Your regular flossing will never beat an expert flossing session with the hygienist. An expert can effectively get deep between your teeth.

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Step 5 | Rinse Time

Next, the hygienist will let you rinse your mouth with a fluoride mouthwash to eliminate any debris. At Holford Partners Curaden, we have a more specialized rinse, more of that later in the service description.

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Step 6 | Flouride Treatment

Finally, you will get a fluoride treatment before leaving. This treatment can protect your teeth against cavities for several months.

Often, a hygienist can offer you flavor options so you can pick a preference. After you have made a choice, the hygienist will place the fluoride treatment into a mouthpiece that is made to fit over your teeth.

The fluoride solution is often a foamy gel but is sometimes a sticky paste. And you will have to leave the treatment on your teeth for a minute.

Aside from the gel, the hygienist will apply a fluoride varnish on your teeth using a brush. The varnish hardens when it comes in contact with saliva.

After the entire session, you are free to eat. And, you can come back for another session after six months or less.

At Holford Partners Curaden, we use a more specialized CHX gel when we figure that you need it.


Is hygiene cleaning painful?

No, professional hygiene cleans are 100% painless when done right.

However, some hygienists are not experienced and careful enough to keep you from feeling minor pains. Plus, plenty of subpar practices use old tech that produces scary and uncomfortable noises.

These discomforts are enough to put off adults and, most significantly, children. For a child feeling significant discomfort at a dental practice, it can leave a lasting imprint and stigma.

Always choose a practice that uses the latest innovations because they are made to be significantly more silent and comfortable than traditional tools.

What is the minimum age for dental cleans?

Your child can undergo professional hygiene cleaning as early as 12-36 months. By this age, your kid would have a significant number of teeth that you have to take care of.

Regular cleans and visits to the dentist are vital in taking care of a child’s oral health. This is because you would want the child to avoid bad cases of plaque and tartar that can lead to painful infections.

After all, kids love sweet and sugary food that effectively attracts bacteria.

Apart from brushing at least two times a day, flossing, using interdental brushes, and using child-friendly mouthwash, your child must start the habit of visits to the dentist and hygienist early.

Be an excellent model to your child and come together to the practice at least twice a year. Choose a place like Holford Partners Curaden, where there are specialists for every detail, including pediatric dentistry that is best for your child.

Can I get cleaning more than twice a year?

Yes, when you think you need it, you can book for a consultation, and we’ll determine whether you truly need the service or not.

Some people choose once every three months scheduled cleaning, but most will only need it once every six months. For some people, the interval can even go up to nine to twelve months.

Consult the dentist about how often you can have the service because each person has their own oral situation.

Do you offer home service?

Unfortunately, we don’t offer home service because we use high-tech equipment that is not mobile. So, please contact us for a scheduled cleaning, and we will make sure that you will feel at home.

Our practice offers a warm and comfortable ambiance, and our staff is composed of expert customer service people who will try their best to cater to any need you might have.

What are your Covid-19 protocols?

We allow a limited capacity in our facility and require pre-booking for patients. Also, we enforce physical distancing and wearing of face masks inside the practice.

We have sanitizing areas in strategic locations in all parts of the building, and we check everyone’s temperature before receiving them.

If you have any more questions, please go to our contact page or call 020 7499 9806.

What is CHX gel?

Chlorhexidine gel is used as optional extra protection to your teeth after a professional hygiene cleaning session. It inhibits the formation of dental plaque and is an excellent help for maintaining oral hygiene.

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