What is it?

Endodontics is the study and treatment of dental pulp and is sometimes used to refer to root canal treatment in particular. The pulp is a soft mass of tissue within the root that holds your tooth in the jaws. It can become infected if the tooth suffers from decay or injury, leading to an abscess and toothache. Root canal treatment involves removing dead pulp and filling the remaining space

Main image of the "endodontics" page showing an illustration of a tooth with its pulp and nerves
Image of teeth x-ray results on a screen

What does the treatment involve?

Your dentist will make an x-ray of your teeth to reveal the shape of the root canals and also show areas where they are infected.

You will be given a local anaesthetic before the dentist makes an opening through the top of your tooth to get to the pulp.

The dead pulp will be removed and a temporary filling may be put in place. If the infection has spread you will be given antibiotics and you will have to complete the treatment during another visit. If not, your dentist will permanently fill the root canals and add a crown or filling to the cavity.

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