Root Canal Treatment

What is it?

Root canal treatment also known as "Endodontics" is the study and treatment of dental pulp and is sometimes used to refer to root canal treatment in particular. The pulp is a soft mass of tissue within the root that holds your tooth in the jaws. It can become infected if the tooth suffers from decay or injury, leading to an abscess and toothache. Root canal treatment involves removing dead pulp and filling the remaining space.

Root Canal Treatment


Who offers root canal treatment?

Get Back To Your Busy Schedule Pain-Free

If the decay is left untreated for too long then a root canal treatment may be your only option to save the tooth.

Having toothache and being in pain can really disrupt your day to day life so why suffer for longer than you need to. Book an appointment now so we can alleviate your symptoms through endodontics as soon as possible.

Fortunately we have some of the greatest skilled dentists, who are able to perform endodontic treatment and get you out of trouble, allowing you to get on with your life pain-free.

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In Pain Or Discomfort?

We advocate prevention to avoid oral health problems, but if you are experiencing pain or discomfort right now, we can remove that problem for you as early as possible. Don’t wait until your next check-up!

Eliminating Pain
Saving Teeth


Our top expert dentists use only the best tools and equipment for diagnosing issues with your teeth. We will make sure that no problem is left unseen and alleviate your symptoms.


We use the highest quality materials and the latest technology available to perform out root canal treatments, giving you the best possible chance for long lasting results.


At Holford Partners Curaden we guarantee long-lasting results, free from pain both during and after treatment allowing you to get on with your life.

Frequently Asked Questions

You will have been given a local anaesthetic for the root canal treatment so the entire procedure is pain-free. Once the anaesthetic has worn off you are able to eat again however we do not advise biting into or chewing hard foods until the permanent filling or crown have been placed on the root treated tooth. If you are unsure of what to do please call us on 020 7499 9806 or email us at

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