Composite Fillings

Are you experiencing tooth ache? It is reasonable to suspect that you may have a cavity or decay, and it better to have it checked by your dentist before it leads to a bigger issue such as root canal treatment or tooth loss.

Our fillings are done by removing the decay from your teeth and filling the cavity with a composite material that is colour matched to your own teeth. This allows the composite fillings to blend and bond with the enamel, preventing more damage and preserving your teeth.

Composite fillings are also placed if you have a chipped or broken tooth.

Composite Fillings


Who offers Composite Fillings?

Smile With Beaming Confidence

First impressions last, and your oral health will tell a lot about you.

Decay can cause bad breath and become a turn-off or at the very least make you feel insecure.

Let’s fix that for you the safest way there is, at Holford Partners Curaden.

Save Your Teeth

If you want to keep your teeth for as long as possible, your best bet is to go to Holford Partners Curaden. We guarantee effective and long-lasting results, bringing your confidence to the next level.


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Long Lasting


Our top expert dentists use only the best tools and for diagnosing your teeth. We will make sure that no problem is left unseen and that we will fix everything.


We use the latest technology in doing composite fillings. We only use the best materials which will last much longer than cheaper fillings offered at other clinics.


We guarantee long-lasting results with Holford Partners Curaden. Your teeth will look and feel rejuvenated everytime you smile.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, they are significantly durable and will last for many years. However, like most dental restorations, composite fillings won’t last forever and will someday need replacing.

Commonly, composite fillings last for at least five years. However, there are a lot of instances when they can last up to ten years or more.

At Holford Partners Curaden, we guarantee results that exceed expectations.

Composite fillings are the best choice for decay and cavities because they offer the most discrete and natural finish. Your fillings will be unnoticeable and your teeth will look brand new.

Amalgam fillings last longer than composite but they compromise the beauty of your smile.

After a composite filling, you must avoid any chewing and refrain from hot beverages until the numbness from the anaesthetic has worn off. You might bite or burn yourself badly without feeling it.

You can return to regular eating and drinking habits once the numbness has gone.

You will have to clean it the way you clean the rest of your teeth. Brush twice a day, floss, use interdental brushes and gargle mouthwash.

Also, visit a professional dental hygienist at least twice a year and make sure you visit your dentist just as much to monitor your fillings and restorations.

Yes, we are able to place composite fillings on your front teeth. They are generally required when your teeth is chipped or has become damaged. In any case, your front tooth filling will be made to match your existing tooth colour and shape so people won’t even realise you even had an issue.

No, when having any filling treatment the procedure should be painless due to the local anaesthetic that is applied to numb your tooth and the area around it. What you may feel is the feeling of the filling being placed but no pain. This is a routine part of the procedure. If you do feel any discomfort during treatment please alert your dentist so they can provide assistance.

If an old composite filling falls out, then it is important to visit your dentist as soon as possible to get it replaced. This will ensure that your tooth is protected and prevent any further damage to your tooth.

Teeth whitening will not affect your fillings. The composite material can not be whitened as the material does not react to the whitening product. We however advise that you whiten your teeth by a professional dentist and not use products bought online. Visit our teeth whitening page for more information.

A full breakdown of your composite filling price can be found on our prices page.

A posterior filling is a filling that is placed on your back teeth. We use the same composite material as what is used for fillings on your front (anterior) teeth. Most front tooth fillings are composite fillings as they’re designed to match the colour of your natural teeth. Posterior fillings can still be amalgam (metal)-based to suit your preferences, requirements and budget.

Composite fillings are made from synthetic materials including ceramic and resin compounds.

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